Data Recovery

In PC Serge, we will recover corrupted data due to problems such as “Recovery of HDD / SSD data”, “Recovery of NAS data”, “Recovery of HDD recorder data”, “Smartphone / cell phone data recovery”。

Recovery of HDD / SSD data
We will restore data with the following symptoms:

Data accidentally deleted from the trash
Format, initialized data
Data that the hard drive has broken and can not be retrieved by PC operation.
Lost data when copying or moving
Recovered PC and lost data
Data that is lost or can not be retrieved due to virus infection.

Data that OS has crashed and can not be retrieved
Lost partition data that can not be retrieved.
File is corrupted and data is recovered from system RAW (unformatted) and display state
Shoot after deleting, overwrite after overwriting delete after shooting, overwriting data.
Display ""Can't read because file or directory is corrupted"" from data."
Data that can not be extracted because there was an abnormal noise from the HDD with clicking and squeezing
Data does not start, data does not turn on PC internal data.
Windows does not start up. PC internal data in the state that "operating system not found" is displayed.
It stopped responding while copying data. PC content data that was lost after trying to start again.
NAS Data Recovery.